Controlled production of powdered baby milk

From milk collection (prioritising France) to the distribution of our finished products in France or abroad, Lacticare puts quality and food safety at the heart of the development and manufacturing process of the powdered baby milk it produces.

Three stages in the milk transformation process

Retaining all the nutritional and bacteriological qualities of the milk, from the farm to the bottle, is a long, complex process which should be perfectly controlled.

Explore the three main stages: milk collection, the drying and canning of our dehydrated milks and the distribution of our products. Get to the heart of our business, from the raw materials used to the finished product, by way of processing and packaging.

Milk collection

We are truly committed to working in an eco-friendly manner and prioritise the use of French milk from our local members in manufacturing our products. We therefore collect milk from as close as possible to the dairy whenever possible. We control the quality and traceability of all our ingredients from the farm to the bottle or glass of milk.

A sample of milk is taken for a compulsory test on the farm to determine its health quality (germ and somatic cell tests etc.) and its composition (testing the fat and protein content). Before the milk is emptied, it is checked for the absence of antibiotics and the milk only enters the transformation circuit for pasteurisation once the laboratory has given the green light. This pasteurisation allows any undesirable micro-organisms to be eliminated.

We guarantee total traceability of the milk up- and downstream from its collection to the tin of powdered milk. The lot number enables us to trace all stages of the product’s lifespan. All our teams are mobilised to ensure the health and safety of the people who use our products every day. Quality control is at the heart of everything we do.

Drying and canning our baby milks

Our baby milk and powdered milk unit remains human-sized. The men and women in our team are highly involved and very aware of the end-use of the products they design. They are manufactured in a stringently hygienic environment, indispensable within the context of the production of baby food. Strict zoning has been implemented with four hygiene levels.

The process, which is highly product-oriented, respects all the raw materials used - mixes, dosages, heat treatment etc. - and of course responds to food health standards: hygienic design, cleanability, risk management of foreign bodies etc.

All the ingredients which make up the baby milk are prepared in our workshop. They are weighed according to the formula produced and added to full-cream milk. Mixing takes place at the liquid stage at first, guaranteeing a more homogenous mixture. This mixture is then pasteurised for enhanced safety.

Next, the mix is sent to the drying tower, using the Multi Stage Dryer drying technique. Our powdered milk is obtained through spraying the milk into a hot air current inside a drying tower producing several effects. This drying tower gives the powder the properties of perfect dispersibility and wettability we look for when the baby milk is reconstituted. Everything is traced and monitored, from the raw materials used to the finished products. Physicochemical and bacteriological checks are carried out on samples at each stage of manufacture. For each production of our baby milk, we carry out around 400 microbiological tests on the finished product, 120 microbiological environmental tests and, on average, 20 other complementary tests including nutritional criteria and also physicochemical tests (property of the powder, heavy metals, pesticides etc.).

Once the drying has been carried out, the last stage before canning is the manufacture of the dry mix. The latter allows heat-sensitive elements, such as vitamins for example, to be incorporated into the recipe without impairing their nutritional properties. The mixture is homogenised, then samples are taken for organoleptic testing.

The last stage is canning. This takes place in our packaging room in a high care level environment. Hygiene measures are further heightened here. Our packaging line therefore has equipment which allow us to ensure a high level of hygiene and safety. The tins are blasted one by one which allows dust to be removed and the production line is completely hooded with each tin passing under a UV lamp in order to eliminate the risk of bacteriological contamination. The powder is then filtered through a sieve (1,600 microns). The product then passes over a magnet (8,000 gauss) in order to detect the tiniest metallic foreign body. The tins are placed under a vacuum and rendered inert, in other words any oxygen harmful to product conservation is removed and replaced by inert gas. To finish, the tins are crimped in order to ensure they are watertight. This complex, painstaking process allows us to guarantee the retention of the nutritional properties of our baby milks. Obviously, a full discharge check is carried out before the products are marketed.

Distribution of our products in France and abroad

As far as quality and food safety are concerned, French expertise is recognised worldwide. At Lacticare, we add our own specificities to that in order to offer an eco-friendly product with a high nutritional value for our demanding clients throughout the world. The dynamism of our teams and partners allows us to distribute our products throughout France and abroad. The baby milk powders manufactured by Lacticare are therefore shipped worldwide. Our products comply with European legislation and the legislation of the countries in which they are marketed. In addition, our factory has been specifically authorised to product baby milk for the Chinese market.

Our Junéo organic baby milk brand is distributed in France by Lou Bio, our partner and associate, through specialist networks with more than 700 points of sale!

Are you interested in our Junéo organic baby milk and would like to export it to your destination country? Get in touch with Lacticare!

We distribute our own-brand or our clients’ brands of baby milks within Europe, to South America and Asia.

Would you like to have your own brand of products manufactured by Lacticare? Please don’t hesitate to send us your request!