Lacticare, producer of powdered baby milks and alternative milks

A committed, independent French dairy based in the department of Vendée, Lacticare formulates and produces powdered baby milks and alternative milks (goat’s, ewe’s and mare’s). Building on its own expertise, the company strongly believes in maintaining the vitality of the local economy.


The department of Vendée, a farming region

Benefitting from its local presence, Lacticare works within the unspoilt countryside of the department of Vendée, in the heart of the Marais Poitevin. Being close to the Atlantic Ocean, this area benefits from a gentle, temperate climate ideal for rearing cattle and goats. It is part of the largest milk-producing regions in France, the Pays de la Loire. Vendée is the region’s prime goat’s milk-producing area (with 9% of national production). It is currently in third place in terms of goat’s milk production*.

*source: Agreste

Lacticare, a combination of skills for the production of powdered milk

At Lacticare, we have combined with the expertise of FIT, expert producers of ingredients and milk products for over 30 years, LOU BIO, an organic product specialist and ULVV (Union Laitière de la Venise Verte), a co-operative dairy based in Maillezais. The milk from their members delivered to Lacticare covers a large part of our needs.


Combining health and naturalness

The values of good health and naturalness are at the heart of what we do. With this in mind, we very carefully select the ingredients used in the manufacture our powdered milks and baby milks. We therefore focus on the transparency of their origins and prioritise the use of French milks from our local members. We are absolutely convinced that the values of our products lead through from our strategic commitments too: proximity, biodiversity, local, sustainable development, short circuits etc. Lacticare is a human-sized company committed to these values.

Committed to quality

Lacticare cares about quality and we attach great importance to our products’ manufacturing processes with this imperative constantly in mind. We are particularly vigilant regarding safety regulations at each stage of manufacture and our colleagues are all trained to this end. The milk we collect is carefully tested before being accepted. Production is carried out under the strictest hygiene standards complying with the most stringent health safety regulations. Each recipe is produced with the greatest care in order to retain its nutritional properties.

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Our goals:


Our strengths:

  • We are an independent French dairy contributing to the vitality of the local economy, the maintenance of regional jobs and the value of alternative milks (goat’s, ewe’s, mare’s)
  • Quality products from carefully selected, traceable raw materials, primarily French milk from local producers
  • Control of the production line from the farm to the bottle and glass of milk